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Significant CO₂ reduction in your process

Like many production processes, brewing beer has an impact on the environment. Making beer means using raw materials such as grain, hops and water. Not all of these ingredients are endlessly available. It is therefore wise to deal with this efficiently. Energy is also used for both cooling and heating. In both cases, a Circ BioTransformer can offer a nice sustainable solution.

Energy consumption

For you as a brewer, energy consumption probably has a lot of attention. The brewing process requires a lot of energy. The heating and cooling of the brew, the pumping of water, and the packaging of the beer. Everything needs energy.

Brewer's grain

It is in the interest of both your business and the climate to use energy as efficiently as possible. With the Circ BioTransformer brewer's grain is efficiently converted into BioGas and BioWater. This way your organic residual flows are reused, your sustainable performance is improved and your energy costs are reduced.

The ideal solution

The Circ BioTransformer is a unique small biodigester that converts food waste into sustainable BioGas and BioWater. You get about 0.4 m3 of BioGas from 1 kilo of organic raw material, depending on the type of input. And that's a lot! BioGas, the green variant of natural gas, can be used directly for heating or hot water.

BioGas can also be converted into electricity or used as a hybrid solution to use energy as efficiently as possible. The BioTransformer can therefore also be used in gasless environments.


Better world!

Breweries are increasingly aware of there sustainable footprint

Circ - Together with you we redefine energy


  • Brewer's grain is converted into BioGas
  • BioGas is used during brewing
  • There is a direct solution for processing brewer's grain


  • CO₂ reduction through energy transformation
  • Cost reduction in disposal of residual flows
  • Major cost savings on energy consumption

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