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At healthcare institution De Koperhorst, organic waste will soon be converted into BioGas with the Circ BioTransformer to heat the building and partially replace natural gas.

Negative impact

In general, healthcare is a major consumer of energy, water and food. Five percent of CO2 emissions in the Netherlands are caused by the healthcare sector. This Energy consumption has a negative impact on society and this means that more people need more care. This creates a vicious circle. We want to make a breakthrough at De Koperhorst', says Robert Sakkers, facility manager at De Koperhorst.

Full plates return

The idea for purchasing the Circ BioTransfomers came from him: 'Take a look at the inner workings of an average nursing home. You’ll quickly notice how much food is thrown away: So many dishes with uneaten food coming back into the kitchen. A thorn in Robert’s side.

There must be another way, he thought. The transition to meals freshly prepared in our kitchens already makes it possible for every resident to choose what and when to eat during the day. And they don't have to choose from a menu 14 days in advance. A great solution, especially for the large group of residents with memory problems.

Decrease food waste

“Eating what you feel like at that moment you want will automatically decrease food waste. Nevertheless, Koperhorst still produces about 40 kilos of unconsumed food every day. This is why we bought our Circ BioTransformer” says Robert. “The BioTransformer has smart software with image recognition that registers the swill. With the help of this data, the kitchen can reduce waste even more, through better purchasing. For example, if we see that
we throw away the same amount of pork chops every time, we may need to buy less pork or different cuts. Or potentially go talk to the cook,' laughs Robert.

Five percent of CO2 emissions in the Netherlands are caused by the healthcare sector.

Closing the loop

“We use the subsidy from the Future Fund for Sustainable Development to purchase the BioTransfomer. The generated BioGas is used immediately and replaces a part of our natural gas consumption. And we avoid 20,000 kg of waste per year. The fertile BioWater is used to feed the landscaping of the Koperhorst. Because we are going to produce more BioWater than we need, we are now investigating whether we can use it in other places. And it doesn't stop there,” as far as Robert is concerned. “If it were up to us, we will not only
process the leftover food from our restaurant, but the residents will eventually be able to dispose of their organic waste here as well.”

Aiming for Gold

Sustainability has been high on the agenda in the Koperhorst since 2012. In recent years, investments have been made in solar panels, climate control, waste separation and 120 homes have been fitted with sustainable new windows. In 2019, de Koperhorst joined the Green Deal. And from January 2021 they hold the bronze certificate Environmental Thermometer Care. “The Bronze Quality Mark provides an incentive to continue striving. We treat it like our own Olympics because we are ultimately aiming for gold.”

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