Radio interview co-founder CIRC René Schers


Generate your own BioGas with a Circ BioTransformer. Due to concerns about the gas stocks for next winter, the price of natural gas has risen enormously for a second year in a row. Last Tuesday morning, the contract price of natural gas that is the most important for the Netherlands, passed the symbolic threshold of 100 euros per megawatt hour for the first time. At the end of the day, it was at almost 118 euros. That is almost eight times higher than a year ago.

Big problems

This leads to big problems in the Dutch economy where production is already being scaled down in various places due to the increased energy costs. Many companies warn that their products are becoming significantly more expensive. Consumers are also noticing the gas price increases, although the change depends on the type of contract a household has.

What if you could generate BioGas on site with a Circ BioTransfomer?

Listen to the (Dutch) fragment on NPO radio 5

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