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Our BioTransformers unlock units of energy that are still buzzing around in your organic raw materials* and transform it into usable energy as sustainable BioGas and fertile BioWater.

*think of the mountains of food and organic waste streams that are thrown away every day. These organic raw materials are still extremely useful and can be put to work for other purposes.

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Open wide!

Your bio raw materials are weighed and analysed to help to optimise every stage of the process. We differentiate between food types and their make-up to help get a complete idea of its contents in preparation for the process.

Step 2: Chewing your waste

Chewing your waste

The BioTransformer uses reinforced steel teeth to break down waste and maximise its surface area. The shredded material mixes with water to break it down even further before digestion. And we monitor it all with our smart sensor systems. 

Step 3: Digesting with style

Digesting with style

Our reactor is the guts of the machine; it's where the magic happens. We use a range of bacteria that act like the stomach, breaking down and digesting your bio raw materials.

The reactor is carefully constructed to make sure all the BioGas and smells remain contained and controlled throughout the process.

Step 4: The sustainable output

The sustainable output

Circ BioTransformer leaves you with lots of durable BioGas and fertile BioWater.

We filter the output to leave you with green methane ready to heat, cook, or convert into electricity for immediate and sustainable use.

Step 5: The brain

The brain

Our built-in sensors and AI optimise the processes at a micro level to create the most efficient reactions at every step of the journey. All that information is available for you to keep an eye on your green yield and your sustainable performance, right from your phone.

Through our app you can monitor your green goals and stay notified on the latest developments.

All you have to do is to enjoy your sustainable and cost-reducing benefits.

How it sizes up

Our BioTransformers are made to be modular so we can make them to size, depending on your needs. We customise machines to process as little as 30kg of bio raw materials and as much as 600kg. If you’ve got specific requirements you can get in touch to talk through what will work best for your situation.

The two most common machines out there today are the BT50, for processing 50kg a day, and the BT200, for processing 200kg a day.

Over BioTransformers

BioTransformer 50 (BT50)
BioTransformer 200 (BT200)

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