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We’re Circ, the energy transformation people.

Our journey started with a question...

What if everything were energy?

Energy is never made, never lost. Just transformed.

Turns out, it can be...

We recognise energy as the special life-giving force that is the fabric of literally everything, everywhere.

It’s the shared positive force that shapes better lives for all of us — more social, more sustainable, more powerful.

We believe in empowering everyone to enjoy cleaner, more vibrant energy which truly fulfils its potential.

See how we transform energy

Do you want green energy from a banana peel?

Thought so! We do too.

A single banana peel provides enough biogas to cook for 20 minutes. You’ll generate cleaner energy in a smart, environmentally conscious way from your own organic leftovers.

Together we can create a movement in how we redefine energy.

Our BioTransformers learn from the bio raw materials you supply and provide an easy, accessible, and enjoyable way to generate sustainable energy for cooking, heating, working, playing, studying, living: everything. 

We’re already out there transforming energy and reducing carbon footprints and costs for our community of Circ users right now.

Top athletes know better than anyone how important energy is. It’s precious and shouldn’t be wasted. This is the approach taken at Papendal, using the BioTransformer 50 (BT50) to heat buildings and cook food in their kitchens.




The BioTransformer 50 (BT50) helps warm their swimming pools with green BioGas and irrigates their landscaping with fertile BioWater which also helps grow and cultivate seasonal vegetables for their restaurants.



Landal GreenParks

The Green Hub’s Circ BioTransformer 50 (BT50) provides BioGas and BioWater for the local community and helps it achieve its sustainability goals. Local chefs' kitchens benefit from BioGas, in fact, you can see healthy veggies flourish in local allotments…



The Green Hub-Amsterdam

The Netherlands’ first UNESCO World Heritage Site Pampus aims to be 100% sustainable and self-sufficient. It uses the BioTransformer 50 (BT50) to try and reach this target while keeping the kitchen running to feed its visitors.



Forteiland Pampus

Vivium Healthcare: a group with a belief in sustainable care for a sustainable future. Using swill from its industrial kitchens it’s able to heat its care homes with BioGas and use BioWater for landscape maintenance



Vivium Healthcare Naarderheem

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