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Training Centre for Dutch Olympic Athletes

Top athletes know better than anyone how important energy is. It’s precious and shouldn’t be wasted. This is the approach taken at Papendal, using the BioTransformer 50 (BT50) to heat buildings and cook food in their kitchens. The yield of fertile BioWater is used to help locally produced seasonal vegetables and herbs to grow at their best.

About Papendal

Papendal is an elite sports institute and is divided into three departments: (1) the Centre for Elite Sports and Education, (2) Papendal real estate and (3) the Elite sports restaurant. About 550 Dutch top athletes use the centre as a national training facility.

On any given day, 400 of them are on-site. There is an exclusive hotel where young athletes who train full-time have their own private room. The hotel and conference centre Papendal is located on campus.

Sustainable master plan

Energy is everything: you cannot perform without it. Energy and a healthy society is precious. With that in mind, sustainability has been a top priority for Papendal’s management for many years. In 2005, a start was made on the implementation of a sustainable master plan 2020.

As part of that ambition, unconsumed food left over from the kitchens in the hotel and restaurants are transformed to BioGas and fertile BioWater with the Circ BT50. The BioGas is a sustainable alternative for natural fossil fuel and the BioWater is a good source of nutrition for the greenery and landscaping on Papendal’s campus.

The benefits

The benefits

  • BioGas is used for cooking
  • Raw materials are transformed into BioGas which is used to heat (tap) water in thehotel and maybe restaurants.
  • Biowater is used for maintenance of Papendal’s own grounds, such as the golf course, and used for cultivation of seasonal vegetables and herbs in its “picking garden”.

The result

  • CO2 reduction through energy transformation
  • Cost reduction for swill disposal
  • Cost savings on energy consumption

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