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Landal GreenParks

Warming swimming pools with green BioGas

Landal has holiday parks in 9 countries with a total of more than 13,700 accommodations all with environmental commitments. The BioTranformer 50 (BT50) helps warm their swimming pools with green BioGas and irrigates their landscaping with fertile BioWater which also helps grow and cultivate seasonal vegetables for their restaurants.

About Landal

The group’s Landal Landgoed 't Loo has a stunning recreation lake at the holiday park; it is located in a natural and green environment and offers many activities and facilities for its guests.

Landal GreenParks supports the natural biodiversity and environment in which its parks are located. It takes responsibility for reducing its negative impact on the environment. Landal aims for climate neutral parks by 2030 and therefore invests in green partnerships, initiatives and projects such as the Circ BioTransformer 50 (BT50).


Landal 't Loo was chosen as the first holiday park to install a BT50. With it , Landal GreenParks takes a step in contributing to the circular economy. The park's unconsumed or unused food is collected in the restaurant and “fed” into the BioTransformer. After a process of several hours, the BioTransformer converts the bio raw materials into green BioGas and fertile BioWater.

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The benefits

  • Biogas is used to heat the swimming pool and to cook in the restaurant’s kitchen
  • Biowater is used for landscape maintenance and for cultivation of seasonal vegetables and herbs in the “picking garden”
  • Educational information about circularity and sustainability is shared with guests
  • The BioTransformer is part of a nature education program for the guests of Landal
  • Everyday kilos of unused food are processed into sustainable BioGas

The result

  • CO2 reduction through energy transformation
  • Cost reduction for swill disposal
  • Cost savings on energy consumption
  • Contribution to Landal’s sustainability goals
  • Contribute to sustainable education and awareness of guests

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Interested in what we can do for your hotel, restaurant or holiday park?

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