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BioTransformer 200

How much bio-raw material do you transform into sustainable BioGas and BioWater?

At Circ, we think of ways and implement solutions to make clean energy available to everyone and you can benefit from that.

BioTransformer 200

The Circ BioTransformer 200 is a great industrial solution for immediate cost savings and sustainable impact. This self-learning installation converts up to 200 kilograms of bio raw material per day into 60 cubic meters of sustainable BioGas (depending on the type of input).

In addition to BioGas, a Circ Biotransformer produces BioWater, for which there are various sustainable and cost-saving processing and usage options. Ideally, your BioWater can be used directly as plant food. Besides water, there are also valuable substances in BioWater. Substances that nourish crops.

Smart Machine

Developments never stand still, which is why the fermentation process of this BioTransformer is becoming increasingly efficient, the software and technology are continuously smarter and all this is leading to a short payback period.

The fermentation process is completely computer-controlled, so you don't have to worry about it. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the system is constantly improving its performance. In addition, Circ centrally analyzes all data for you to continuously and fully automatically improve the performance of the transformers.

We have also developed a Circ app for you. With this app you can monitor important results and performance and keep track of how much green energy you generate.

Our BioTransformers are modular, so we can tailor them to your needs. We are already producing and installing machines varying with a processing capacity from 30 kg to 600 kg bio raw material per day. If you have specific requirements, please contact us to discuss what is best for your business or organization.

Financial Profit

  • Direct savings on energy costs
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Extraction of water and plant nutrition
  • No food waste disposal costs

Sustainable Profit

  • Circular society contribution
  • CO2 reduction
  • Fewer transport movements
  • Less fossil fuel use

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