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View the sustainable impact of your BioTransformer every day

Circ BioTransformer App is a fast and easy way to understand how your BioTransformer is preforming. View the input and output and improve your sustainable footprint, by gaining new knowledge and insights. In the app you can view statistics about self-selected periods at any time of the day. Getting started with the app is easy. Just add your BioTransformer to the app via a QR code and you're good to go.

Reduce food waste and become more sustainable

The BioTransformer app provides you with information about your BioTransformer via smartphone. In addition, the notification tab gives you all the information you need to keep the machine running smoothly. All information is available when you need it. View your recent swill input, find all the information to improve your business, and access additional information.

All data safe in one place

All information is encrypted and secured by Circ. Our systems protect your data and information with multiple layers of security and use one of the world's most advanced security infrastructures to keep your account safe. And when you log into your BioTransformer app, it uses encrypted data, so your business data stays safe and protected.


  • Information to create sustainable impact
  • Support for both Android and iOS systems
  • Support in Dutch and English
  • Simple and user-friendly interface

Basic Info

  • Swill input
  • BioGas yield
  • BioWater yield
  • CO₂ saving

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View the sustainable impact of your BioTransformer every day

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