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Together with you we redefine energy

Working in a sustainable way and cost reduction is of the utmost importance in any industry or organization. That's exactly what the BioTransformer does on energy and food waste control. Furthermore, there are bonuses: it improves your waste separation processes, you gain extra insight into purchasing, it increases the sustainable image of your company or organization, and reduces your CO₂ emission.

Tracking and image recognition

A camera and several sensors monitor the input and digestion process 24/7. This way we know exactly what the status of the machine is. We monitor the machine at Circ remotely, so we can immediately send notifications if you need to be aware of information about your digester. We provide you with interesting performance information and necessary information in case of notifications. We inform you not only for safety but also to give you new insights. That makes it very easy and valuable to use.


The BioTransformer has an extremely strong metal housing and can therefore take a beating. It is odorless and safe. All our digesters are CE certified and meet all legal safety requirements. The projected lifespan of the machine is 15 years.

App controlled


With the advanced app, you can monitor the performance of your BioTransformer and see, among other things, how much BioGas and BioWater are generated and what your CO₂ savings are. The app also unlocks the filling hatch. To guarantee security and protect the data, only registered and validated users can access the Circ app. The App is running both on IOS and/or Android.


After identification with the app, the user can open the installation using the touchscreen. After the bio raw material has been filled into the BioTransformer and only when the filling hatch is closed again, the process starts automatically.


Once the bio raw material has been processed (80% within 24 hours, and completely within the next 4 days), you can use the BioGas and BioWater immediately. One kilo of food residue is converted into approximately 350 liters of BioGas and 1 liter of BioWater. The yield of course depends on what you feed the machine with. A lettuce leaf has less energy value (calorific value) than a pizza or a cheese sandwich. But broadly speaking, these are the numbers.


The generated BioGas and BioWater are ready for immediate use or processing. Each installation is supplied with a low pressure tank for the BioGas and an intermediate bulk container (IBC) for the BioWater. It is of course possible to check for each situation whether tailor-made solutions are needed.

Cooking on a banana peel?

A banana peel already supplies enough BioGas to cook for 20 minutes

Which bio raw material do you transform into sustainable energy?


  • Clean only with clean water and a soft brush


  • Feed evenly several times a day with bio raw material

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