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The Green Hub-Amsterdam

The Green Hub’s Circ BioTransformer 50 (BT50) provides BioGas and BioWater for the local community and helps it achieve its sustainability goals. Local chefs' kitchens benefit from BioGas, in fact, you can see healthy veggies flourish in local allotments…

Holendrecht neighbourhood

Amsterdam’s Holendrecht neighbourhood in the southeastern part of the city. Under the responsibility/coordination by Green Hub, we installed a BT50 in cooperation with the municipality, housing associations and local retailers. With the BT50 the neighbourhood is taking a big step towards reducing its dependence on fossil fuels. The installation ensures greater social cohesion in the neighbourhood and also has a big educational function.

The BT50 converts vegetable, fruit and other food leftovers from local catering
establishments and the neighbourhood into sustainable BioGas and fertile BioWater which is used to feed the local greenery.

The benefits

  • BioGas is used for cooking in the local catering industry
  • Raw materials are transformed into BioGas which is used to heat (tap) water in homes
  • BT50 educational programs are used in local schools to raise awareness children about energy circularity and sustainability
  • BioWater is used local gardens/parks/vegetable gardens

The result

  • CO2 reduction through energy transformation
  • Cost reduction for swill disposal
  • Cost savings on energy consumption
  • Contribution to Amsterdam’s sustainability goals
  • Contribute to sustainability awareness in the neighbourhood residents
  • Community is less bothered by vermin because there is less food litter in the neighbourhood

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