Vivium Healthcare Naarderheem

Care for a sustainable future.

Vivium Healthcare: a group with a belief in sustainable care for a sustainable future. Using swill from its industrial kitchens it’s able to heat its care homes with BioGas and use BioWater for landscape maintenance

About Vivium Naarderheem

Vivium Naarderheem is a pioneer in recovery and care for the elderly. Every year, approximately 800 people rehabilitate after an orthopaedic procedure, a stroke or other illness at one of its facilities. The group pays careful attention to a healthy living environment and believes in sustainable care. Through a systematic approach Vivium takes to take its responsibility and contribution to a healthy society seriously.


The unused raw materials from Vivium Naarderheem's industrial kitchens are transformed into BioGas and BioWater with a Circ BioTransformer 50. It supplies Vivium with a sustainable alternative to natural gas and fertiliser.

The benefits

  • BioGas is used to heat care homes and (tap) water
  • BioWater is used for landscape maintenance
  • Social impact: more connection with the neighbourhood
  • Contribution to Vivium's circular ambitions
  • Every day kilos of unused food are processed into sustainable BioGas and BioWater

The result

  • CO2 reduction through energy transformation
  • Cost reduction for swill disposal
  • Cost savings on energy consumption
  • Contribution to the sustainability goals
  • Contribute to sustainable education and awareness of the residents

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