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Circ Energy, producer of innovative BioTransformers, closes third funding round for further growth and development.


Circ Energy, closes third funding round for further growth and development.

Today, Circ Energy announced the completion of its third funding round. The financing will be used to accelerate the development of its innovative BioTransformer and to enable further European expansion. This enables Circ to expand its impact-driven activities by providing more organisations with the opportunity to convert unused residual food waste into local sustainable energy for the built environment.

A 100% natural process, packed in high-quality technology

Circ is a green tech company that serves to accelerate the energy transition where the challenges are greatest: the built environment. Quickly transitioning away from natural gas is not possible everywhere, but replacing it with biogas is. Circ’s BioTransformer is a smart, small-scale digester (with a processing capacity of 50-600 kg per day) that locally generates sustainable energy through the natural process of anaerobic digestion. By using biogas, the consumption of fossil gas is reduced; and by applying the biowater as organic plant food, the soil can remain fertile and healthy.

While showing that an environmentally friendly solution can also serve customers’ financial bottom-line, Circ has experienced strong growth in recent years. Dozens of BioTransformers have already been sold and delivered in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain.

"We are proud and happy with this new investment from Dali Invest and want to thank them for their support and belief in our mission," said Spencer Schols, CEO of Circ. "We started Circ four years ago to make the world a better place. Worldwide, more fossil energy is being

used, while 40% of produced food is discarded and burned as waste. This is a misuse of valuable resources, and we wanted to do something about it. Using modern technology, software, and artificial intelligence, we have developed a BioTransformer that converts vegetable, fruit, and food waste into biogas and biowater. With the development of our photo recognition software in the BioTransformer, we help users reduce food waste. For the inevitable residual streams that remain, we offer a working and sustainable alternative to waste. This way, we make companies aware of the precious raw material they can put to use by generating sustainable energy."

Proven technology

Investor Dali Invest: "We believe in and invest in Circ's solution because we are convinced of the proven technology and the team’s strength. Circ has been around for four years, and during that time they have developed the first generation of the machine, sold dozens of machines, and installed working machines in the field, not only in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium and Spain. In addition, the data shows that thanks to the built-in AI, the delivered machines learn from each other and therefore continuously improve performance."

"We believe that Circ can contribute to solving various global climate problems. The BioTransformer helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce (waste) transport movements, increase awareness of the value of food, provide energy security and price stability to users, as well as offer direct financial benefits to customers.”

Making an impact together

“The investment from Dali Invest, building on previous investments from De Variabele and Zinnia B.V., provides a stable platform for future growth,” said Robert Kooloos, CCO at Circ. “Given the amount of food waste in Europe, energy prices, and disruptions in energy supply, Circ also sees interest in our solutions in other European countries. The financing will enable us to continue developing a machine with more easily substitutable parts. This will not only make the machine more circular, but also increase ease of use, shorten delivery times, and further improve machine performance. At the end of the day, this investment helps Circ reach and serve more customers.”

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